15 things you don’t need to bring travelling

Have you ever checked in for a flight, weighed your baggage and cringed as the red numbers on the scales showed that your bag was 5kg to heavy? As you stepped to the side to ferociously open your bag and chuck as many clothes and souvenirs as possible into your carry-on luggage, did your mind curse your past self for packing too much?

Traveling is a learning experience, and so is packing for it. We always want to be prepared with all the items we think we may need, but as we get more experienced with travel and packing, we start realising that we are carrying more than what we really need. So here are 15 things you don’t need to bring travelling.

15 things you don’t need to bring travelling

1) Soap

Leave the big bottles and soap bars behind. Most hotels and hostels provide basic toiletries, and if you must,;invest in a nifty container of 2-in-1 body wash and shampoo.

2) Jeans

They are heavy, take up a lot of space and they are near impossible to dry if they get wet in the rain or require washing.

3) Books for holiday reading

They take up space and are incredibly heavy. Ask yourself if you are really going to read on your journey. If yes, ask your hotel or hostel if they have a selection of reading material. Most do. An e-reader can hold dozens of books in one small device, just remember the charger!

4) Bulky towel

Once again, most hotels and activities provide one. If you can’t imagine travelling without your own, bring a micro-fibre towel. They dry faster and are lighter than a regular beach towel.

5) Reusable water bottle

Stainless steel bottles may fulfill moral stance but there is a high chance you will never use it. It is much easier to buy a water bottle that you can fill up at a clean water refill cooler

6) Jewelry

Wearing flashy jewelry is like standing out like a candle among darkness. It can attract thievery or the unwanted impression that you are wealthy.

7) Hair straightener

You won’t have the time or the care to straighten your hair, especially if you are backpacking.

8) Heels or hiking boots

Heels are useless in the cobble-stoned streets of Europe and completely impractical everywhere else. Hiking boots are usually available for rent.

9) Electric toothbrush

They require batteries and are heavier than the standard toothbrush. Note it is electric. They require charging and carrying the base unit, too bulky use a standard toothbrush.

10) Laptop

Unless you are on a business trip, there is no need to bring your laptop. Computer cafes and Wi-Fi for your smartphone are everywhere.

11) Traveller’s cheques

They are a thing of the past. Banks now charge less for accessing your money overseas. Cheques are also limited to what kind of currency you can load on (usually only the major currencies).

12) iPod speakers

They are pointless and usually fragile. Embrace the local music.

13) Pyjamas

An extra set of clothes just for sleeping? Forget about it. Wear a clean shirt and comfy pants and save time in the morning from not having to get changed!

14) Camera zoom lens

Stick with a lens that can be used broadly as multiple zoom lenses can be damaged, or too much of a hassle to swap between.

15) Pillow

They are bulky and from experience, get lost or dirty easily.

If you’re packing something using the words “what if…” or “if this happens…” then what you’re packing is probably not necessary! Remember, the more space there is in your luggage, the more souvenirs you can bring home. Good luck!