A great way to spend a few hours on a weekend is too sit back and relax, watching the sun set in some picturesque park. But really, some landscapes are better than others and these 18 Benches exhibit the most unbelievable views that we can find.

Sit back and relax, and check out the 18 Benches with the most incredible

Benches with the Most Incredible Views: The Beautiful Autumn Benches

It is unknown where in the world these benches are, but it is undoubtedly an incredible area. The autumn leaves fall all over the walkways, and the trees range from an incredible orange to ochre browns.

Bench with incredible views Bench with incredible views Bench with incredible views Bench with incredible views

The Benches Around Lakes and Ponds

These images makes up everything you want in an incredible park bench. It’s got serene waters, amazing coloured trees and undoubtedly that fantastic level of quiet that only comes with sitting amongst nature. These benches in Portugal show off the amazing mirror-like waters of the previous image. This kind of ‘natural boasting’ is what makes this image one of the best.

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The Sea-Side Benches

The sea-side shows off some really fantastic views of sunsets and sunrises. The rolling waves let you drift off to sleep whilst watching the sunsets and the stretching water, going beyond the horizon.

14. Bench 9. Bench 7. Bench


The Cityscape Benches

These benches compliment the beautiful city lights that snake their way through side streets and burst through large open areas. From these benches you can sit down, relax and watch the comings and goings of the busy city life.

17. Bench 16. Bench


The Mountain Range Benches

Mountain Ranges are one of the most incredible natural formations that Earth holds. Whether they are covered in snow or massive green trees, mountains capture water and trap clouds to form the most unbelievable views to sit back and admire.

15. Bench 13. Bench Bench with incredible views