Enticingly tucked away on the eastern edge of Jamaica’s northern shore, near the harbour city of Port Antonio, lies the Blue Lagoon. This popular tourist spot has the best of what Jamaica and the Caribbean has to offer and almost all of the elements that comprise a luxurious tropical getaway.

Just picture the lush hillsides rich in greenery rolling into the crystalline turquoise waters of the lagoon. Only a short drive away from the Port, it’s remote enough to allow you to feel you’re off the beaten path without completely isolating you from civilisation.

The Blue Lagoon in Jamaica

The lagoon itself is actually rather famous. It was used as the location for the Brooke Shields movie The Blue Lagoon. Once upon a time the lagoon had been known as “The Blue Hole”, but thanks to the popularity of that movie, it was permanently renamed the Blue Lagoon.

The water really is this blue. Photo via Mike Fischer
The water really is this blue. Photo via Mike Fischer

Because the Caribbean is such a tropical environment, it’s generally warm enough to visit all year round if you’re looking for a seaside vacation. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the summer months – June to August- will be quite busy as this is a popular destination. Late spring or early autumn might just be your best bet for making the best of the tropical environment without being crowded by other tourists. Hurricanes can occasionally be a factor too, so take into account

The Blue Lagoon Villas are incredible

Blue Lagoon overwater villas. Photo via hdwallpapers
Blue Lagoon overwater villas. Photo via hdwallpapers

The absolute best way to experience the lagoon is by staying in one of the villas that dot the shore. The more luxurious options will give you immediate and exclusive access to the lagoon. The decks of these villas come out right over the water, so much so that you can dip your toes or dive straight in.

The Tropical Lagoon Resort offers villas from upwards of 170 US dollars a night and has discounted summer rates from April to December.

Alternatively, there is accommodation for those on more of a budget in nearby Boston Bay. Great Huts offers both high-end, but also budgeted accommodation for those travellers looking for a much more rustic experience. From as little as 75 US dollars a night, you can stay in a range of authentic accommodation including bamboo huts, tents and stone towers to really soak up the tropical atmosphere.

What to do when staying in paradise

Take a lazy ride on a raft. Photo via Maria Massoni
Take a lazy ride on a raft. Photo via Maria Massoni

There are a range of activities for travellers to indulge themselves in while staying at the Blue Lagoon. While it may not be the ideal activity for adrenaline junkies, the best thing you could do is spend your time lounging around and exploring the lagoon itself. Swimming the bright turquoise waters is both refreshing and fascinating.

The reason the waters of the Blue Lagoon is such a vivid colour is because of its depth; locals used to believe that the lagoon was bottomless, but since then it has been revealed that the depths of the lagoon can range up to 200 feet, so you might have a hard time touching the bottom without snorkelling gear.

Another thing you might notice while you’re swimming through the water is the varying temperatures. This is because the water of the lagoon is comprised of a mix of fresh and salt water. The lagoon is open to the sea, so the warm Caribbean waters flow in, but it is also fed by underwater springs which contain very chilly fresh water, which makes for quite a swimming experience.

Go underwater to see some marine friends. Photo via www.visitgozo.com
Go underwater to see some marine friends. Photo via www.visitgozo.com

Alternatively, you can get out onto the water by boat. There are a range of guided boat tours available, and your tour guide will take you through the waters informing you of the history of the lagoon, as well as local lore and will even detail appearances of the lagoon in movies. Take for instance the local legend that the lagoon is a deep as it is because a sea dragon resides at the bottom.

Boat tours are usually available all year round and are well worth the cost at an average of 30 US dollars or 3000 JMD.

If lounging around in a tropical environment isn’t enough for you, you can venture into Port Antonio to try out some of the local activities. Activities like walking tours that explore local waterfalls are relaxing ways to take in the scenery. You can also visit Firefly House, the historic home of playwright Noel Coward. None of these are particularly heart-stopping adventures, but then, Blue Lagoon is more of a laid-back destination.

How to get to the Blue Lagoon

A relaxed approach is advocated by locals. Photo via www.visitgozo.com
A relaxed approach is advocated by locals. Photo via www.visitgozo.com

Blue Lagoon is only a short 5km drive away from Port Antonio which is accessible from most parts of Jamaica. From Kingston, it’s just under two hours travel to Blue Lagoon, while from Montego Bay it will take you about three and a half hours. If you’re planning on visiting Blue Lagoon, it’s suggested that you pack light so you can get the full experience of your tropical surroundings.


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