World traveller captures epic selfies from 36 different countries

Three years ago Alex Chacon decided to travel the world and make the ultimate selfie video with his GoPro. In his Around the World in 360° Degrees – 3 Year Epic Selfie project, Alex spent 600 days travelling 36 countries and captured some of the most incredible places on earth. This world traveller shows us how to take a selfie with a GoPro

Chacon decided to invest in a Go-Pro and put it on a monopod to create 360-degree video rotations with himself as the centre piece. He did this in front of the most remote places on earth. The video shows a map at the end, which details his route.

Chacon documents everything with photo and video on his site

After he graduated he jumped onto his motorcycle and visited places that many travellers normally don go to. “I just wanted to go places and conquer lands no man had conquered before,” Chacon shared. “In one place, I met locals that had never seen tourists in six generations of people.”

While on the road, Alex documented his travels on his website the Modern Motorcycle Diaries – a tribute to the legendary revolutionary Che Guevara.

How to take a selfie with a GoPro

You can view the video here. Can recognise any of these places?

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