Russian travel photographer captures breathtaking “Morning Views From The Tent”

Russian photographer Oleg Grigoryev has created this original photo series called “Morning Views From The Tent”.  Travelling through Tajikistan, in the Fann Mountains, Grigoryev documented his travels each morning by snapping photos with his legs stretched out of his tent flap.

The Fann Mountain Range extends 5.5km above sea level and some were taken 4,700m above sea level.  The colorful tents  frame the scenes and offer a different perspective to traditional landscape photography.

Morning Views From The Tent: Big Allo Lake (3150m)

Morning Views From The Tent

Kulikalon Lake

Morning Views From The Tent

Muddy Lake (3600m)

Morning Views From The Tent

Near Mirali Peak


Lake Alaudin

Morning Views From The Tent

Chimtarga (4700m)

Morning Views From The Tent

Fann Mountains

Morning Views From The Tent


How to get to Fann Mountains

The rugged and remote Pamir Highway  is the slowest, but most popular. From Sary-Tash, a road leads west for 500km through the Karategin Valley to Dushanbe. It’s a rough and bumpy ride so if you’re travelling at night you probably won’t get much sleep.

The road from the Batken region to Isfara passes through several of the Uzbek enclaves within Kyrgyzstan. You’ll need a multiple-entry visa and plenty of time for border crossings. Crossing through this areas can be quite tiresome and requires passing rough unpaved roads with little or no signage. Travelling through the Ferghana Valley also has the least interesting scenery and recent ethnic conflicts in the region can be dangerous depending on current political situation.

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