Exploring ancient rivers in Xcaret Park in Mexico

A smooth gust of wind blows gently down the narrow limestone chasms. The water is cool and a refreshing change from the humid Mexican heat. Tourists and locals wearing florescent life jackets peacefully drifting down the clear turquoise waters.

Perfectly carved out waterways creating small island pockets make this place even more enchanting. You can drift for over two thousand feet down the narrow channels which are only about one and a half metres wide. If it the drifting becomes too much, pull out and take a break on the natural islands.

Xcaret Park in Mexico

Xcaret Underground River

Underground River

Xcaret Park is undoubtedly an incredible place formed over millions of years by erosion. It also holds spiritual significance as it was used by pre-Colomubian Maya. Some of their ancient structures can be found within the park’s boundaries.

The first man-made structures can be dated back to 200-600 AD. But most of the remaining are from the 16th century.

Xcaret Underground River

Apart from floating down narrow chasms, visitors can also check out the coral reef aquarium and rurtle breeding sanctuary. There’s even room for the local manatees.
Xcaret Underground River